So today, I withdrew my pay from the bank, and went shopping with my mom. On my way, I realized that I had forgotten the money I withdrew at home, and had only about 1 thousand rupees (not a huge amount). So I asked my mom if she had any money with her. She said yes, but also added a very philosophically complicated statement that “Since God didn’t want me to spend that money, therefore you don’t have that with you right now!”

Now these kind of statements in which we conclude retrospectively about something which didn’t happen because God didn’t want them have been used extensively in the Pakistani society. Every now and then we’ll be hearing about these. Mostly used by religious people, they are for the justification of events. For instance, people declared that the 2005 earthquake came because the God was unhappy with us, or the 2010 flood came for the same reason. Now, before I do my own analysis, let me tell you, I am kinda of a pseudo-religious and pseudo-atheistic kinda person. And my take on certain things is sometimes islamic and vice versa for others. But these kind of statements don’t make any sense at all. In fact, these statements leads to several disturbing conclusion, if we considers purely Islamic events.

Considering my mom’s statement, it is pretty much evident that we are conjecturing about something that the God wants. Now also putting aside the debate of God’s existence, and working in the Islamic system of thought, this leads to the conclusion that whatever I do will be done due to the discretion of God, in other words essentially everything is pre-destined. hmmmm…. now this takes me back to the Adam-Satan Incident. Those of you who are familiar with it know that Satan refused to obey the God’s command. Anyways, it turns out, he can now justify his disobedience by proclaiming that it actually happened because God wanted it the way it happened. So effectively, everything good or bad, happens due to God’s discretion. So whats the purpose of life, whats the purpose of the Judgement Day???

Well, I am not going to declare anything about the Islamic thought on predestination or free will. But I positively assert that we shouldn’t be giving off statements which justify a event as per God’s discretion. That kind of retrospective predestination leads to seriously troublesome conclusions and things don’t just fit together. Surely there is problem somewhere.


This is the first post after a really really long interval.

I have been kept by some deep thinking. Mainly I am thinking about religion-philosophy and the purpose of life. Since I am not a philosopher, and I don’t know much about religious philosophy, so most of my thoughts will not be that much mature (read sophisticated). These thoughts have changed my own religious views. Considering that I was brought up in a religious family, and in a society where religion plays a dominant role, I’ll be in great trouble if I openly share what I think. I have been thinking about “The Creation” as per the Islamic schools of thought put it. I’ve been thinking about the reason behind creation. And I have been also thinking about the chemical aspects of creation. I have contemplating the relationship between the Islamic concept of Creation, and the chemical composition of the universe. I haven’t reached any conclusion. I’ll definitely share when I get to one.

I have been deeply saddened and frustrated by the educational environment in the country. The recent decision of dissolving the HEC (higher education commission) is very disturbing to me. The higher education in Pakistan, which was already pathetic, will even be more worse. I don’t know whats going to happen with this country. The future looks bleak. God, I am so depressed.

so the governor of punjab is murdered, indira gandhi style. his crime was that he held publicly the statement ‘the blasphemy law was a black law’. what pure shit.

the saddest part is the religious leaders are not even condemning this murder. they think that it has been a service to islam. God. they know shit about religion.

When I do not have to do anything, and I am bored, I open up the wikipedia and start random surfing.  I open up a general article first. About something that is going on my mind. I hop from one article to another. Clicking on the links within, after half an hour of random wikipedia activity, I normally end up with 10-20 tabs in my web browser. Today, for example I was really bored, so I began thinking about the Eye of Horus (its another story why I was thinking about it), and ended up with tabs about future history, supreme court of pakistan, burj dubai, victoria cross, and the empire estate building.  And from the last one, I came across this:

On May 1, 1947, Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Photographer Robert Wiles took a photo of McHale a few minutes after her death.

This is the Most Beautiful Suicide!

Embracing death with composure….

(can you guess why her body isn’t shattered?)


I am busy and can’t put up a proper post now. And also I’m new to wordpress. This is therefore, just a test post before I gather myself and write something worth-reading.

Lastly, Happy Eid.